Meraaki – Vibraations

MARAAKI Vibraations medium

Through an appreciation of the positive vibes moving through the house/electronic scene, Meraaki was born to provide the genre with a live spectacle experience and unique grooves. The production/DJ duo magpied their title from the Greek for ‘something with soul, creativity or love’. Well this project contains all three! The pair fused their established musical forces through a mutual love for a spectrum of genres including, funk, soul, African pop, 90s house, techno and Afro house. With the long term goal to offer immersive live sets combining live vocals and instrumentation adapted from their dominating influences of Afro pop, Afro house and gospel choirs, with a multiple deck mix, Meraaki are set to contribute a contagious dose of excitement and anticipation into their audiences. Ambient sets of syncopation and rhythm extending into the night makes Meraaki material perfect for a carnival-esque evening of unity, dance, peace and love. We’re super excited to step into the sunrise with these guys!