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Winging It – Vol 1 – Various Leeds Electronic – Double Vinyl Press for DJs

We proudly present our debut electronic compilation on Released.  Its sounds like Breakbeat, Soul, Trip Hop, Psychedelic & Electro. Featuring artists  Jorgie, Game Program, The Local Beatnik, W.O.M, Chris Dawkins, Edward Pedro, Wulls and Impatient. Winging It is a snapshot of Leeds electronic. 300 copies only.

YES! Record Store Day 2020, Released in the Corn Exchange, Leeds


We’re proud to be a part of Record Store Day 2020, here’s the completed release list from the RSD crew. Record Store Day 2020 List – click here @recordstoreday/ Instagram Follow the Bird! We shall we updating our own list of RSD buys on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK (@releasedrecords). big love from all @ Released.  

RSD 2020
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