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    Chris Dawkins / Wulls / Sara Garvey ­ For Good Behaviour EP

    Posted on: Jan 25, 2018 | By: Tony Green

    Out Now!


    1. Chris Dawkins Do It Slow
    2. Dawkins And Wulls ­ Eye On You

    3. Wulls ­ For Good Behaviour
    4. Wulls Ft Sara Garvey ­ Colour Fall


    Dawkins is up first with ‘Do It Slow,’ a lush and expertly lazy melange of twinkling keys, stoned trumpets and elastic grooves that have you dreaming of hazy summer days and long hot nights.

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    Dawkins and Wulls then pair up for ‘Eye On You,’ a cosmic and spaced out joint with Balearic guitar riffs, scorched drums and digi dub vibes. It is enticingly slow and colourful and cannot fail to get heads nodding.


    Next up, Wulls goes solo with ‘For Good Behaviour,’ a sleazy dirty jam with drilling bass, Asian influenced strings, clipped vocals and organic tumbles of drums and percussion that make you want to move your every limb as the groove lurches along. Finally, Wulls teams up with Leeds vocalist and former N​OW​collaborator and current KMAH Radio hostess, Sara Garvey. ‘Colour Fall’ is the most intimate of the lot, with romantic whispers, heartfelt chords and big warm pads that are diffuse and emotive. It is a brilliantly worldly track that sucks you right into its sensuous slow groove.

    Released 9th May 2016



    Words: Tony Green