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  • Comfy Bella Leeds Distrikt

    Comfy Bella @ Distrikt Bar Leeds feat. Loz Goddard, 26th November

    Venue: Distrikt

    Date: 26|11|16

    Entry: £free

    Doors: 9pm

    Comfy Bella is an event and KMAH radio show run by Sara Garvey, with an open-ended music policy.  House, broken beat, tech, electronica, soul, funk and jazz all welcome.
    The ethos of the event is built on an obsession for freedom and inclusivity.  The goal is to bring you the very best in underground music and make you shake that thing!


    Loz Goddard // Sara Garvey // Wulls // Foz (Dirty Disco)

     Event starts 9pm,  Carriages 2am, free entry, Distrikt Bar Leeds


    Loz Goddard

    We like playing Loz’s records. He was one of the inspirations behind the sound of Comfy Bella. A disco flavour crossing between early 90s house sound with a stack of soul.  Its with open arms we  welcome him to his first set at the infamous Distrikt Bar.

    Check Loz Goddard in the mix here


    The backbone producer to our label.
    Wulls has a non compromising style to his sets from hip hop beats jazz to house and funk. His recent outing with Sara Garvey has made it to number 1 in the German Electronic chart as part of the new CAFE DEL MAR compilation.

    Check this warm up mix Wulls did for Comfy Bella


    The infamous Dirty Disco promoter.. Our focus is on Foz’s love of new music. His DJ sets move through deep techno, house, funk and beats and anyone who has worked with the names he has understands how to deliver to a venue. Added to this Foz originally set up Distrikt and ran the music there for 5 years building it into an award winning venue (so it felt rude not bringing him in to our first party)! SALUTE FOZ!

    Check this Foz mix

    Sara Garvey

    Comfy Bella is Sara’s accaimed radio show on Kmah. The sound of Comfy Bella is a loose mix of house, jazz, broken beats and other stuff. Originally a singer touring with Nightmares on Wax now Sara is turning her hand to her own production as well as working with Wulls on Released.
    Their first single together ‘Colour Fall” was licensed to Cafe Del Mar.
    Sara is one of those unique characters who he can sing, write, produce and spin.

    Here’s is an example of the Comfy Bella show on Kmah

    “Loz was one of reasons I wanted to get on the radio, as soon as I came across his tracks on Dirt Crew I became a total anorak”

    Some of you know me as a Singer some as a DJ and some of you listen to my Comfy Bella radio show (I hope).

    I’ve been making music for years, i’m officially married to music and like any relationship we’ve had our ups & downs. I naturally seek out music, have done since I can remember but it wasn’t till I started DJ’ing that I started to properly dig for music, and when I started digging couldn’t believe what I was finding theres some serious SERIOUS music getting made out there…! It opened up a whole new perspective of music for me and I wanted a show basically so I could get to play & shout about all the great music from amazingly producers that I was HYPED about, thankfully…. the lovely KMAH Radio crew let me on their airwaves. It’s been around a year since I first started it & it’s been such a great year honestly it has surpassed what I hoped for by miles, from interviewing Nightmares On Wax / Karizma / Jordan Rakei & the lovely Jurassic 5 heavy weight Chali Tuna (thank u) to being able to play everything that’s old / new and wonderfully true with no agenda no pressure just literally a platform to spread the word about all this great underground tuneage & I feel blessed (and totally in love with music right now). So be able to start bringing some of these guys to play in Leeds??? is not just a logical next step but is THE next unexpected step in spreading the word & I’m buzzing & geeking out at the same time..!! A year ago I wouldn’t even have imagined myself doing this.

    Anyway… Loz was one of reasons I wanted to get on the radio, as soon as I came across his tracks on Dirt Crew I became a total anorak, I bought his records, listened to his radio shows, trawled his track-listings (shhh) hahaha trust me this guy knows his music, anyway to have him agree to come and play for us at Distrikt on our 1st night is f’in amazing.
    Anyway I’ll stop waffling on (It’s turned into a bit of an essay lol) hope to see you down there..!!! Holla to everyone who I know is coming down, holla to those I don’t everyone is welcome… all I’m saying is be prepared to shake ya footses dem, we’re going IN…!!

    Comfy Bella Presents Loz Goddard Saturday 26th Nov at Distrikt Bar Leeds
    To hear a bit more about the man himself, check out this podcast Loz put together for Nachtbraker ‘s Quartet Series.. warming you in with trax from Fantastic Man , Sleazy Beats Recordings, Millionhands, Duff Disco, Secret Reels, Ponty Mython, and more…!!!

    Great stuff Sara