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African Blues – Word Sound Power (12″ b-side)

Artist Track Label
African Blues Word Sound Power (12" b side) Clairaudience  (CA102)
Year Format Country
1998 12" Vinyl USA


Co-producer: Anthony Nicholson  / Engineer: Matt Warren  / Mastered: François K*
Producer:  Ron Trent / Written-By: Tina Howell

Guest DJ Bongo – top dude, crazy collector, DJ from the 80s way ahead of his years.

Featured on the album “Color in Rythm Stimulate Mind Freedom” but a more raw dub mix on the 12″ b side.  Ron trent at his best producing a multidimensional mind scape that enters the dance floor like an enchanted angel. Production on this track is delightful and it never leaves a man behind.

Words by: DJ Bongo

Bongo is a collector/DJ who inspired many in Blackpool around the late 80s, early 90s and beyond.  Check this soundcloud here.   He released a few tracks around this time and famously roped in Tony Green for a job foaming up a topless wrestling ring (using a broom and fairy liquid) every Sunday on Blackpool Central Pier.

Is this a Lost Record: Its on iTunes and Spotify but not the b-side dub mix listed here.

Check out the LP here.

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