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    El Magnifico – Tha Nu Style

    Artist Track Label
    El Magnifico Tha Nu Style Critical Mass / licensed to FFRR
    Year Format Country
    1998 12" Vinyl Uk

    Design: Zip // Vocals by Cheshire Cat // Written by Aaron Gilbert and Alex Payne

    El Magnifico was a pretty ska/breakbeat record at the time (always a good combination for parties) and one which I still like to play.  It has a simplistic uplifting energy to it laced with a sample from the classic Double Barrel – Dave and Ansell Collins “MAGNIFICENT”.      Writer Aaron Gilbert also recorded on the Critical Mass label as Mr Natural (who is worth checking if you want to dig around the late 90s big beat scene).  He has since followed the path of many underground electronic artists and is now composing music for games, film and tv.  Co-writer Alex Payne was part of electronic band Cicada with Aaron.  They recorded two 12″ singles together as El Magnifico, I dont have the other but intend to order it this week.

    Worth checking Critical Mass from the 90s for more breakbeat.  They were a subsidiary of Heat Recordings.

    Is this record lost: YES!

    The Lost Record is the endless search for vinyl tracks not available (at time of publish) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

    Words: T-Breaks