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  • Grantby - Timber

    Grantby – Timber

    Artist Track Label
    Grantby Timber Cup of Tea Records
    Year Format Country
    1995 12" Vinyl Uk

    Written/Produced by Grantby
    Recorded at Eastcote studios London

    I first heard this on the third Beats by Dope Demand compilation (I loved those comps too – Ed), when i tried to track it down I found out is was incorrectly labeled as Bom – Spies on the triple vinyl.   It was only after picking up a copy of Chillout Forever, a mix CD by Patrick Forge which had Timber as the final track (Correctly labelled!).  This was the days before the world was bombarded with chill out compilations & this one stands the test of time. I managed to find a promo copy of the 5 track Timebooth EP which has Timber as track A2. Only 300 of the official release of the Timebooth EP were ever pressed so it’s quite hard to come by, conversly the promo seems to be easier to pick up.
    Timber starts with a sample from John Barry’s 007 and Counting (From the Diamonds are Forever soundtrack) which runs through the whole track that builds to a full on excursion of strings and mellow slow jazzy breaks. It is a unique track that I return to time and time again. After the Timebooth EP Grantby seemed to pretty much disappear for almost 20 years before collaborating with The Memory Band for a limited 10” release for record store day in 2014 then late last year releasing the Beast Systems EP.
    Is it lost: Yes, not on Spotify or Apple.  And good work finding the real name of the track!

    The Lost Record is the endless search for vinyl tracks not available (at time of publish) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

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    Words: Steve Jones