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  • Homeboy - Control Yourself Cousin Vinyl cover

    Homeboy – Control Yourself Cousin

    Artist Track Label
    Homeboy Control Yourself Cousin (The Sax Mix) Cheque This Record (CTR)
    Year Format Country
    1989 12" Vinyl UK

    Written by Rob Kean // Produced & Arranged: Rob Kean // Mastered: Porky (A Porky Prime Cut)

    This track is a first rate production, 110 bpm, Clyde’s funky drummer looped, funky chopped up sax, late 80s midtempo quality.  It should take its place alongside other great club tracks of the late 80s (but doesn’t get a mention anywhere).  The label CTR is an interesting one, prominent during the late 80s rave era with Monica Deluxe but also managed to license an ESG classic “Moody”. CTR ran from from 89-93 and much of it was licenses to the US via Instinct Records in Brooklyn.  Writer/producer Rob Kean is credited on East 17’s – Stay Another Day, could it be the very same man?

    Is this record lost: Absolutely YES!

    The Lost Record is the endless search for vinyl tracks not available (at time of publish) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

    Words: Tony Green