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Maurice Fulton presents Boof – Life is Water

Artist Track Label
Maurice Fulton presents: Boof Life Is Water Spectrum Records
Year Format Country
1999 12" Vinyl Uk

Very strange, Saturday night randomly pulled out one track to check if it was lost and who’s name appears on the sleeve, Chris Dawkins.  He is the session player on ME (b-side).  Turns out this happened while Chris was working with Jimi Tenor (who plays the flute on a number of EP tracks).

I am however focussing on the ever special ‘Life is Water’.  Flutes, percussion, building, heavy baseline, more building, more flute, more percussion, chants..  Maurice Fulton was an 80s Baltimore DJ who’s career kicked off globally in the 90s (is it fair to sum his career up this succinctly?).  Having heard a few friends try to explain why Maurice is special, different, musically gifted, I now have a glimpse and hope there is more Mr Fulton to come for the Lost Record.  As an aside the label Spectrum Records looks like it only put out 8 records in total.

Is this track lost?  Yes I didn’t find it online anywhere (apart from youtube below)

The Lost Record shines the light on vinyl tracks not available (at the time of publishing) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify.


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Words: Tony Green