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  • Soulsetters - Can you Dig It 7" sleeve

    Soulsetters – Can You Dig It

    Artist Track Label
    The Soulsetters Can You Dig It Daran Recordings (DJO)
    Year Format Country
    Unknown (are we guessing around 69? - ED) 7" Vinyl Author: Willie Hollis

    Can You Dig It has a strange release history. The vocal version was a b-side on one artists release,then the instrumental came out as another b-side on a different artists’ release. All on the same label
    The first was The vocal version which was released by Sam Moore and the second (which is this version) was on the back of Claude & Samuel’s “Potatoes” track. The instrument version was changed slightly to make it a little more dance friendly.
    Not much is known why this was done over 2 separate releases but hey I’m not complaining because I love the instrumental version more and at present it’s the much cheaper option to buy.
    Anyway I hope you enjoy, I’m off to find another track to share in this fantastic series.

    Is this record lost?  Yes!

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