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    Spacer – The Hollow Kick

    Artist Track Label
    Spacer The Hollow Kick Pussyfoot Records
    Year Format Country
    1999 12" Vinyl Uk

    A nice link with this track and the Lost Record #11 Sandals.

    Written by Luke Gordon // Mastered By – Simon Davey // Painting – Kate Harrison // Sleeve – Mat Anthony

    Taken from a Pussyfoot sampler 4 track EP (a trip hop feel throughout) this track by Spacer could stand alongside much of todays leftfield electronic music and not feel out of place (although it rarely has that opportunity).  It’s a mixture of jazz and dirt with a flimsy but dope upbeat feel, maybe too loose for dance floors but lovely to play in a social setting.  Anyway the author Luke Gordon has a link to the last Lost Record Sandals as he produced an LP with Ian Simmonds (who was part of Sandals and went onto become Juryman) called Juryman vs Spacer – Mail Order Justice.  Luke has engineered for La Funk Mob too which is a pretty cool claim to fame as well as having Unkle, Roots Manuva and Goldfrapp on his list of production credits.  Like many solid artists from this electronic era he has moved into tv & film composition (Dispatched and The Naked Chef are a few credits I recognised).   Not a bad career for Luke Gordon and its lovely to hear where it started with this track on Howie B’s Pussyfoot Records.   Looking forward to unearthing more Spacer and Pussyfoot tracks over the coming years.

    Is this record lost: YES!

    The Lost Record is the endless search for vinyl tracks not available (at time of publish) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

    Incidental: Did you work for Pussyfoot? According to google these were their offices in Hoxton Square.

    No Youtube video for this track.