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    Stonebridge – Jazzy John’s Freestyle Dub

    Artist Track Label
    Stonebridge Jazzy John's Freestyle Dub Zoom Music 
    Year Format Country
    1990 12" Vinyl Uk


    Published by : Rondo Music  Licensed from Swemix

    This falls into the rare category of a downbeat record that both house DJs and beat fiends played in the early 90s, its crossed the musical boundaries when DJs would warm crowds and take them on journeys through genres.  Heavy breaks and funk samples put together sublimely – it just oozes style!     Zoom (a London label) licensed this record from a Swedish organisation founded in the mid 80s called Swemix (also known as Remixed Records) with Stonebridge (real name Sten Hailstrom) being one of the partners in the label.  Swemix remixed club records for the DJ’s (without the megamix approach of DMC) and their story is really interesting if you follow DJ history, check it  here.    Stonebridge has moved onto commercial house music notoriety (including “that” Robin S – Show Me Love mix) and his remix list reads like a who’s who of pop.  This slowdown gem doesn’t even feature in his discography so I can certainly confirm it is a LOST RECORD!

    Is this a Lost Record: YES.  Completely!

    The Lost Record is the endless search for vinyl tracks not available (at time of publish) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify

    Words: Tony Green