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  • Wayne Logiudice – Come On Everybody

    Artist Track Label
    Wayne Logiudice Come On Everybody Philips
    Year Format Country
    1966 7" Vinyl USA

    Published: Philips U.S.A / Written & Produced By Bobby Robinson

    This is the one and only 45 Wayne ever released.he was known as “the blue eyed soul boy”and was often promoted as such.
    He toured with most of the funk and soul legends of the time including James brown and Curtis Mayfield and is the only white soul artist to play every single black music venue across America.

    His most famous time period and how I came across his name was when I was researching a piece I was doing on the Ultimate Breaks and Beats series .
    As it turned out Wayne’s last band that he was in just happened to also be a band that holds the honour of making the biggest drum break in musical history.yes that’s right it’s THE Winston’s and Wayne Was The voice behind the track.
    Although he sang on the entire album he was never credited for it under Wayne Logiudice but here’s a photo of him smack bang in the middle.and this is the most used Winston’s photo. Strange but True

    The Winstons - Amen photo

    Over his amazing career he released quite a few albums but this is the ONLY 45 he ever ever released.
    I had searched every corner of the globe for one of those and was often told by most of the biggest record dealers that it was either an urban myth or just too rare to find.
    Well last year I found on on eBay and paid more for the postage than the actual record itself.
    Since I first played it out and put it on a mix it seems a few have started to appear amongst the vinyl community and I always get people coming up and asking what it is.   I tell them that it’s a great record and that not all great records have to come with a high price tag.
    A storming soul tune that truly got lost in time.

    7 years I’ve had this on my eBay search.just 648 to go…..

    Is this record lost: YES!

    The Lost Record is the endless search for vinyl tracks not available (at time of publish) on iTunes/Apple Music or Spotify