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    We are a new one-stop music publisher with a bespoke collection of music spanning electronic, soul, jazz, hip hop, grime, psychedelic, rockabilly and more.

    Most of our music comes from artists based in the Northern city of Leeds, UK,  a vibrant city rooted in music and one which spawns what we believe are some of the most talented, interesting musicians with stories to tell.

    The majority of tracks come from our four musicians, producers and songwriters. 

    Georgia Ward (singer, producer)

    Fuzzy Jones (Singer, Producer)

    Tom Midgley 

    Chris Dawkins (multi-instrumentalist, producer, Nightmares on Wax regular session writer, Oceans 11 Soundtrack alongside David Holmes)

    Christian Wolstenholme (Producer, Wulls, Rodina and the Wolf)

    Mark Crossley (Guitarist, Producer, The Local Beatnik)

    Bobby O’Donnell (The Molecule)

    Nico (The X-Ray Cat Trio)

    We also have a selection of music cherry-picked from producers and artists across Leeds.

    As well as our publishing company, we operate an independent record label and own a vinyl shop based in the Corn Exchange, Leeds.  We buy and listen to plenty of music, new and old.