Horsemen – Unknown EP


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Label: Released

Year: 2018

Format: 12″

Horsemen is the coming together of Amsterdam native Morrison Jansen and Berliner Christoph Mühl, a meeting of musical minds that blossomed from a chance meeting in the German Capital back in 2016. Coupling Morrsion’s clever composition with Christoph’s expertise in engineering, Horsemen’s sound is a combination of Dutch flair and German practicality, that results in an audibly astounding product.

The title track of their debut EP – ‘Unknown’, features the delicate vocals of close friend Nomoko, atop a robust combination of thick kick drums, energetic percussion and a pulsating bass line. ‘Motor Jungle’ harks back to the early sounds of Detroit, assuming a 4/4 drum pattern which is laden with a rowdy bass arrangement accompanied by Hip Hop-esque vocal snippets. The EP is rounded off, and mellowed out, with Jorgie’s hazy interpretation of the title track – a 110bpm ethereal excursion that takes the listener deeper into the unknown…

1. Unknown ft. Nomoko

2. Motor Jungle

3. Unknown (Jorgie Remix)

Following on from Comfy Bella’s Konkahs EP earlier this year, Released’s second vinyl instalment comes courtesy of the Berlin-based production duo Horsemen, who mark their debut into the world of wax with the aptly titled ‘Unknown EP’. Freshly faced and full of vigour, Horsemen deliver two unique cuts of engaging electronic music which are accompanied by a remix from Released’s very own Jorgie.

released November 30, 2018

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