Herman Dune – Notes From Vinegar Hill LP


This item will be released 29th January 2021.

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Guest starring Caitlin Rose

Quarantined in the sleepy San Pedro neighborhood of Vinegar Hill, on the same

harbor-adjacent street where Charles Bukowski lived out his final years, David-

Ivar Herman Dune, visual artist and founding anchor of French antifolk stalwarts

Herman Dune, turned those Covid-induced anxieties inward and emerged from

his home studio with the new full-length LP Notes From Vinegar Hill. There’s

something for everyone on this record – folksy rockers, Bakersfield twang, Big

Pink-style Americana, 70s AM Gold, and rough-hewn Cold Turkey guitar stomps.

The songs speak of the suffocating claustrophobia of isolation and fear, the

anguish of being an immigrant in a country where policies harden by the moment,

but also of the beauty of California, the ocean, and a quiet life with three black

cats that turned the heart of a Scorpio toward felines. This album is dedicated to

David Berman.


David Ivar: Voice, Piano, Guitars, Upright Bass, Drums, Percussions, Harmonica

Caitlin Rose: Vocals and Duet on Vinegar Hill

Mayon: Vocals

Spencer Cullum III: Pedal Steel

Jon Natchez: Horns on Say You Love Me Too


1.Say You Love Me Too

2.Heartbroken & Free

3.Freak Out Til The Morning Dew

4.Ballad Of Herman Dune

5.LA Blues

6.Vinegar Hill

7.Scorpio Rising

8.Hawaii Morning

9.Mookie Mookie

10.Birds Of Prey

11.PS I Could Have Done Great Things

12.Long Monday