Callum Beattie – People Like Us (Scottish Edition) – LTD Coloured LP Set


people like us is a lucid insight into callum beattie’s tumultuous and joyous personal journey so far – from edinburgh to london to berlin and back again, these are the songs of callum beattie’s life, both his childhood ups and downs, and his more recent upheavals.

the album title was inspired by a conversation sparked between him and his brother, callum explains: “i’ve never had a world class relationship with my brother we are very different people in a lot of ways. but on a rare occasion i was eighteen and we went down the pub to play pool. he put his cue down and said ‘so what’s your plan, what you going to do with your life? you can’t push trolleys in tesco forever’. i said i’m going to write some songs and play to thousands of people one day. my brother replied ‘callum things like that don’t happen to people like us’.” following the end of his decade-long relationship with his hometown girlfriend, he moved to berlin – a place he had never been before. after a few performances at open mic nights, beattie soon made fruitful contacts on the local music scene, and wrote ‘connection’ with a longtime american in berlin, songwriter michael ochs (cheat codes). then he hooked up with producer david jürgens in the funk haus studio (an old second world war listening station) to record the brace of new songs which subsequently form the basis of beattie’s debut album. callum’s strikingly rich vocal shines throughout the fifteen-track album, which provides a diverse soundscape that’s indicative of his wide-spanning experiences that influenced his work.

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