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Whirlwind of a debut album from Copenhagen underground phenomenon Collider. High intensity guitar music with psychedelic, dreamy elements of boy/girl vocals and even a flute. The soundscape points towards starry shoegaze and 90’s slacker rock, while progressive shifts and a daring, illogical approach to composition places the band in their very own fusion genre. Based on paranormal, astral experiences and a chaotic way of life, the universe of Collider is both expanding and enclosing. A noisy backdrop with soft, hazy melodies in the foreground, occasionally interrupted by snarling outbreaks is the result of an expressive and sensible way of 4 young human beings playing music together


Track list: 1. Daisy 2. Just Start It 3. Inept 4. Oblivion 5. Glockster 6. Sniper 7. Axis 8. DG 9. Bruno