Comfy Bella – Konkahs


Konkahs’ early support from Motor City Drum Ensemble, Frits Wentink, Glen Astro, Bambooman, Bradly Zero and more.


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Label: Released

Year: 2019

Format: 12″

Comfy Bella is the crop of an organic musical adventure which began in vocals and songwriting and has since evolved to DJing and producing. Even after working with the likes of Flood, Youth, Chris Martin, MJCole and spending an Austrailian summer (that turned into 8 years) touring and writing with Nightmares On Wax. The quadruple threat, never allured by the draws of fame, always kept the goal of creativity in sight freeing herself from the confines of vocalist and moved into DJ-ing, which it turns out she’s pretty good at!

Gaining even more artistic freedom, the musical mermaid continued to hone her artistic identity and conceive her intentions as a producer. In the trailblazer’s own words, music follows her through life and we’re not complaining! Grounded in self assurity and a drive to create, 2018 sees Comfy Bella ready to make her pioneering producing debut with EP, ‘Konkahs’.

Planet Earth is home to Comfy Bella’s very own EP. Organic in both sound and nature, ‘Konkahs’ is a product of the producer’s extensive musical exploration up to this point and a creation of fineness. With just snippets of CB’s delicious voice lacing the track, focus remains on the slick instrumental layers of a dreamy bassline, ambient, jazzy keyboard melodies and vivid percussion. Each one as divine as the next and all carried by a chilled 111 BPM tempo.

CB describes the ‘Be-Side’ as the ‘bubble and squeak’ of the EP, using up any ‘left overs’ from the single. With 12 minutes of gorgeous simplicity and woozy grooves, it seems the ‘Be-Side’ is as integral to the identity of the EP as the A-side. Together, the two tracks showcase confidently yet humbly, a taste of Comfy Bella’s capabilities as a producer and leaves her ample room to continue exploring, creating and indulging us.