Dr Packer – Waves Of Funk


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Label: Masterworks Music

Year: 2019

Format: 12″

Strap in for the 16th Masterworks Music release, captained by Dr Packer. The slice and dice surgeon brings four funk fuelled waves to ride out across the cosmos on.

Mars landing imminent, the A side houses the space-age, interplanetary ‘Cozmic Funk’ with its whoozy synths and alluring vocals. Back this with the squelching goodness of ‘Funk Of The Future’ packed with sleazed up keys, thumping bass injections and vibrant chants.

On the flip side, ‘Waves Of Funk’ turns the celestial synthwork up to hyperdrive, mixing sensuous basslines with bewitching vocals to lure in any wanderers. Closing out the EP on the final funk wave, vocoder business blends with extra-terrestrial Balearic guitars in ‘Skin Tite Funk’ as the shuttle turns it’s trajectory back to planet earth.