First Choice – Love Freeze (DJ Spinna)


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Label: Brookside Records

Year: 2019

Format: 12″

A First Choice classic, ‘Love Freeze’, gets the DJ Spinna treatment turning the soul-laden 6-minute 1975 version into a near 10-minute disco soiree, which has never before been on vinyl.

It’s a delicate task taking on productions of this quality, yet Spinna stays true to the ’75 version tweaking it for the modern-day dancefloor – upping the tempo, adding an accapella intro before the subtly beefed drums drop alongside that majestic horn section. Graceful touches and reverberating echoes enhance choice phrases and breakdowns, added passages are weaved in backed with cosmic swirls, as Spinna expertly manages to extend the feelgood fire this First Choice classic commands.

With the original long version on flip, the choice is yours!