Greenwood Rhythm – Coalition Jewels


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Label: Names You Can Trust

Year: 2019

Format: 7″

Back in 2007 Names You Can Trust was launched with an EP from Greenwood Rhythm Coalition. For NYCT’s landmark 50th single release, the group returns, drawing on the same long-simmering stew of African, Caribbean and American funk and dancefloor vibes that flavored that first release, but with a sound more deeply infused and farseeing than anything they’ve done before. The spacey, arcing cut is woven through with guitar that blurs the lines between western twang and soukous popcorn and anchored by cabinet-rattling low end. Spread over two sides of a seven-inch single or available in unedited form digitally, “Jewels” is hypnotic and quite uncategorizable, except to say that sitting still will not be an option when it spins. Adventurous DJs, headphone journeyers, underground dancers, postmodern tropicalistas, and all those whose musical tastes dwell somewhere in the magical twilight of imaginary cities, take note.