Various Artists – Italo Nites Vol 1


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Label: Riot Records

Year: 2019

Format: 12″

Harnessing the golden age of Italo where the synthesiser was king and the cosmos was key, Riot Records bring four, standout re-edits to the table.

Ziggy Phunk steps up first with ‘Lost Treasures’, chopping and re-stitching this chugging, cosmic masterpiece – heavy on the Juno bass, arpeggiated synth lines and weighty drum machine hits. Rayko then hits with ‘Inchi’, introducing a dreamy arp and reverberating snares to this celestial jam, where resonating guitar licks trade off with interplanetary synthwork from a distant dimension.

On the flip side Jaegerossa blasts off to Mars with ‘Love To The Max’, packed to the rafters with sublime brass synth sounds and that archetypal, punchy ’80s snare hit that echo off into the ether. Couple this with absorbing, pitch bent chords and a dynamic bass and it’s a galactic marvel ready to be unleashed. Closing out the E.P, sensuous vocals marry with sweet strings, dazzling keys and uplifting melodies in Camino’s, ‘Bela Solo’ – the perfect round-off to this expertly done Italo homage.