Kincaid & Zenzizenz – Single Cell – 12″


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Label: Banoffee Pies Records

Artist: Kincaid & Zenzizenz (aka Viers)

Title: Single Cell

Catalogue Number: BP016

Genre: Ambient / Techno / IDM

Release: March 2021


A1 Slow Stumble Home

A2 Return From Home

B1 Falling Off

B2 Single Cell


Banoffee Pies Records 16th Original Series release comes via a 4 track Split EP collaboration between Kincaid, and Zenzizenz, the ambient moniker of techno producer Viers. After a long year behind us, and likely ahead, this record takes a temporary step into the calm and adds reflection to the blurred months that passed.

The release is a collection of textural bumps and melodies opening with Kincaid’s 9 minute “Slow Stumble Home” – an aptly titled down tempo trip through a confused space, layered with composition, like a Playstation home screen theme on Mushrooms. Calm follows with two tracks from Zenzizenz – “Returning From Home”, a steady meditation through rumbling sounds soon shift to a new mood on the B side. “Falling Off” offers a more lethargic wandering mood through the marshland before BP016 comes to it’s close with “Single Cell”, the 2nd Kincaid track, which concludes with a chaptered 4×4 structure and slow bursts of energy within. Time to absorb. Love BP x