Little Barrie – Death Express


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Little Barrie release their 5th studio album Death Express on Non Delux. The clock’s ticking. Brutal times. Imponderable global politics. A profit-crazed sleaze in the White House. Tech saturation, info overload, iPhones up the wazoo. Too much crap music crowding out the killer stuff. Where’s the action? Who even cares anymore? Little Barrie, a classic British power trio in the lineage of Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, may not have all the answers, but they’re asking all the right questions. Made up of Barrie Cadogan (guitar / vocals), Lewis Wharton (bass) and Virgil Howe (drums), their fifth album, Death Express, packs a heavy punch, channelling the three members’ ferocious musical chops into a raw, DIY response to today’s atmosphere of confusion and division. There’s no political message, just lyrical food for thought, and some of the tautest, most incendiary grooves you’ll ever hear, enticing even dancefloor-shy listeners to hip-shake away their cares. High-octane meditations on surveillance paranoia (Copter), devious policing at mass protests (Molotov Cop) and greed (Vulture Swarm) have rarely felt so irresistible to body movement. 2014 saw the band invited to provide the theme tune to the Breaking Bad spin off TV series Better Caul Saul which is included on here