Marsh Dondurma – Open


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Label: Todres Records

Year: 2018

Format: Vinyl LP


Marsh Dondurma had been kickin’ it in around the world for a good 13 years now and they are HOT. Starting from a street show between the spice stands of the Jerusalem market, the band has grown to have its own luscious, unmistakable sound. In a sizzling pan, Marsh Dondurma stirs together middle eastern melodies with New Orleans trombones, Yemenite beats with Balkan riffs; Klezmer wails with booty-shaking funk.

“When they lock on to a groove, the outcome is irresistible” All about jazz


Capturing the essence of this 16 member brass bands’ unique sound, OPEN is Marsh Dondurma’s first international vinyl. Built on rich grooves and rooted deeply in musical traditions, each track on this new EP has a story to tell, seamlessly changing grooves and moods, starting off in one place and safely taking you to a surprising, satisfying destination.

And where else could you hear a brass band and a Qanun play together?