Minoru Muraoka – Bamboo


1. Take Five

2. Nogamigawa Funauta

3. The Positive And The Negative

4. And I Love Her

5. The House Of The Rising Sun

6. Do You Know The Way To San Jose

7. Soul Bamboo

8. Call Me

9. Scarborough Fair

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Label: Mr Bongo

Year: 2019

Format: Vinyl LP

Japanese jazz/breakbeat, folkloric mega-rarity as hallowed the likes of DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Egon and co. Uniquely combines traditional Japanese instrumentation with Western jazz influences.

Minoru Muraoka plays ‘shakuhachi’ – a traditional bamboo Japanese flute – joined by his band members accompanying him on the ‘koto’ (strings) and ‘tsutsumi’ (drum) amongst others, to create their ‘Shakuhachi Jazz’ sound.

Official Mr Bongo reissue. Gatefold single LP.