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IFEELJUSTLIKETHEIRART is a personal album where NAPPYNAPPA illuminates the displacement of ancient African artifacts, which in turn dismisses the ancestral and descendant’s existence. Using excerpts from “Eye on Africa’s” story about France denying Benin the return of stolen relics, artifacts, thrones, etc. as an example of culture and heritage being stolen, sold then shown in museums. This act interferes with the direct lineage of heritage carried/lived out since France originally invaded Benin in 1851-1960 and even until now, people are seeing African history archived by another nation that would seem like the history and progressive efforts today have no ties to their past or beginning. The eurocentricity of their origins has been misleading for long enough and the nature of harmony, divine order and truth must be restored. NAPPYNAPPA gives personal revelations of how the acts of individuals and a society aid in our own misplacement of existence and oppression. This project is a testament to end human and environmental mistreatment for the sake of capital gain. Released on Black Friday as a statement on mindless consumerism but more importantly, Native American Heritage Day as an alignment with the message of this project’s remembrance of our native roots. In his own words: “I FEEL JUST LYK THEIR ART is my magnifying glass on the void that turned to a cyclic portal left by years of my mother not just Africa (though that is where most take place) but the entire Earth & our hearts & natural/native heritages & resources being stripped & extracted & rates that only leave the babies born with only a thirst for our own blood… This ends with us.” The album features production from Black Moses, Paul White, Cajm & Sporting Life. NAPPYNAPPA is originally from Washington DC and part of the group MODEL HOME. Previously supported by Pitchfork, FADER, FACT, Washington Post, The Wire, Louder Than War, The Ransom Note and BBC6 Music.