O Seis Suicida / Apocalipse – 7″ Vinyl


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A. Suicida / B. Apocalipse

‘O’Seis’ are the core members of the mighty and legendary ‘Os Mutantes’ – namely Rita Lee and brothers Arnaldo and Sérgio Baptista, accompanied here by Raphael Vilardi, Maria ‘Mogguy’ Malheiros and Luiz Pastura.

 The record features anthemic, heavyweight, psychedelic rock on ‘Suicida’ b/w deeper, tripped-out MPB-folk on ‘Apocalipse’. Both tracks were written by Rita Lee, assisted by Tobe and Vilardi respectively.

The term ‘holy grail’ is a little overused these days perhaps, but this definitely is one. Originally pressed and released by the band themselves in 1966, apparently only a handful of copies are known to exist (sources/numbers vary). The record has changed hands for up to a staggering $5000! Ouch. This is one of the rarest records in the world, infact.

Official Mr Bongo reissue. Licensed courtesy of Warner Music UK LTD.