The Soul Surfers – KU Theme


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Label: KingUnderground

Year: 2019

Format: 7″


Record Store Day 2019, debut release on KingUnderground. Edition of 500.

RSD 2019 official release

Debut on KingUnderground

Edition of 500

For fans of funk, soul, library Records, James Brown etc

Russia’s equivalent of J.B’s but with a touch of krautrock, think ‘Can’ and some other flavours.Recorded live, in one take, a quiet storm on both sides of the 45 – some calm heat vibes on side A and lifted saxophone ‘Sade’-ish vibes on the back.

‘The Soul Surfers’, are a Russian funk band formed by Igor Zhukovsky and his classmates. Their music crosses a lot of genres: deep funk; lowrider soul; psychedelic rock; and exotic music. With 45’s released on numerous labels, ‘Funk Night’, ‘Ubiquity’, ‘Spasibo Records’ and a bunch of others, they have grown a loyal fanbase worldwide and have been doing shows in Europe, the US, the Middle East and all over the Russia. Their music has appeared on 20th Century Fox’s ‘Glee’ and ‘Let It Soul’, a documentary about Shawn Lee. Following the doc they recorded an album together, titled; ‘Shawn Lee & The Soul Surfers’.