Stephane Sévérac ‎– Hold On (Reissue)


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Blaos Records (Andy Pyes sister label) debut offering is a Re-edit of a record fetching £30 on Discogs.

First released in 1987, Stephane Severac’s sun-kissed European pop gem “Hold On” has long been regarded as something of an under-appreciated classic by those DJs of a Balearic persuasion. This new edition replicates the track listing of the original 12″, opening with the evocative extended version. This builds in stages, opening with Chic inspired guitars and dreamy synth chords before introducing a poolside-friendly groove, snaking saxophone solos and Severac’s heavily accented vocal. Over on side B you’ll find the shorter “Single Version” – less sax, but just as much eyes-closed vocal action from Severac – and “Dreams”, a bonus cut that sounds like his take on Duran Duran’s mid-’80s big studio synth-pop sound.