A Tribe Called Quest – The Anthology


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Double LP
1999 Re-issue

​A Tribe Called Quest weren’t rap’s biggest hit makers, but their signature numbers indeed fill this CD with style, eclecticism, and laid-back but deliberate flow; indeed, the group’s stature seems to have grown since its 1998 breakup. The continued importance of their music and ideals for many hip-hop fans will only be enhanced by Anthology’s 18 tracks (Q-Tip’s recent hit “Vivrant Thing,” from the Violator album is a bonus track). Those unfamiliar with Tribe’s achievement should have their heads and booties set into motion by the fellas’ many moods, from the playful “Check the Rhime” and “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” to trenchant commentaries such as “Description of a Fool” and “Sucka Nigga.” And with its inclusion here, the somewhat rare and all-the-way out “If the Papes Come” will doubtless.

“Check the Rhime” – 3:38
“Bonita Applebum” – 3:36
“Award Tour” – 3:26
Featuring Trugoy
“Can I Kick It?” – 4:24
“Scenario” – 4:09
Featuring Leaders of the New School
“Buggin’ Out” – 3:39
“If the Papes Come” – 4:14
“Electric Relaxation” – 3:46
“Jazz (We’ve Got)” – 4:10
“I Left My Wallet in El Segundo” – 4:06
“Hot Sex” – 2:45
“Oh My God” – 3:24
“Stressed Out” – 4:53
Featuring Consequence & Faith Evans
“Luck of Lucien” – 4:32
“Description of a Fool” – 5:41
“Keeping It Moving” – 3:48
“Find a Way” – 3:23
“Sucka Nigga” – 3:56
“Vivrant Thing” – 3:11