Type-303 – Ghost in the 303


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Year: 2019

Format: 12″

DJ Pierre’s legendary Jack Trax Records returns with a delicious set of raw acid tracks from Finnish producer Type-303, who made his 12” wax debut on Posthuman’s I Love Acid imprint, with a release on Lobster-distributed ProForm this past fall.

“What is the Time?” kicks things off with a jacking beat reminiscent of the classic Chicago acid house sound, answering the question with “it’s time to jack”.

Next up is “Sound of Future”, alluding to Phuture’s classic “Acid Track” with a tough, driven beat and acid line that builds up to a psychedelic frenzy of claps, snares, and rides.

The title track, “Ghost in the 303”, follows suit with more of Type-303’s punchy percussion, interjected by moments of frenzied 16th claps, paired with an eerie, otherworldly pad taking the listener deep into the soul of the machine, the classic TB-303.

Last is “Control”—filled with dreamy yet slightly dissonant pads and a wispy breakbeat-inspired snare line that provides a deep, introspective conclusion to this acid laced journey.