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Our first release, VA001, is a compilation of artists that have previously played at our venue Colour! Our primary goal with this record was to showcase the diverse range of sounds that make the venue so special to us- from jazz to fusion to early morning trance. Additionally, we’re trying to raise money to keep the venue afloat and get artists paid while they can’t perform.

On the orange side, you’ll get the late-night live music style we push upstairs, and the blue side would be the early morning dance music, plus more experimental electronic music takes. Every element of the club, in one stunning 12″ liquorice pizza!

Copies Sold Out in Aus!


Worldwide FM, RRR, PBS, 1BTN, Soho Radio, Totally Wired Radio, Friendly Potential NZ, The Lot Radio, NTS, dublab + more


Dj Support from:

Dave Lee, Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Bill Brewster, Fred P, Horse Meat Disco, Harvey Sutherland, + More