Various Artists – Psychedelic Pernambuco


1. The Gentlemen – Sorriso Selvagem

2. Flaviola E O Bando Do Sol – O Tempo

3. Geraldo Azevedo & Alçeu Valença – Mister Misterio

4. Marconi Notaro – Antropologica

5. Geraldo Azevedo & Alçeu Valença – 78 Rotacoes

6. Lula Côrtes – Nordeste Oriental

7. Geraldo Azevedo & Alçeu Valença – Novena

8. Lula Côrtes – Noite Prêta

9. Marconi Notaro – Maracatu

10. Lula Côrtes & Zé Ramalho – Bailado Das Muscarias

11. Flaviola E O Bando Do Sol – Desespêro

12. Lula Côrtes – Bahjan – Oração Para Shiva

13. Marconi Notaro – Fidelidade

14. Geraldo Azevedo & Alçeu Valença – Planetario

15. Marconi Notaro – Ah Vida Avida

16. Lula Côrtes & Zé Ramalho – Marácas De Fogo

17. Geraldo Azevedo & Alçeu Valença – Virgem Virginia

18. Lula Côrtes – Alegro Piradíssimo

19. Lula Côrtes & Zé Ramalho – Beira Mar

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Label: Mr Bongo

Year: 2019

Format: Vinyl LP

Far to the north-east of Brazil’s twin musical capitals of Rio and São Paulo, lies the city of Recife, in the state of Pernambuco. During the country’s lengthy and oppressive military dictatorship (1964-1985), a cadre of like-minded and socially conscientious musicians were quietly building their own music scene, away from the glare of the censors…. for a time, at least.

Strongly influenced by the psychedelic music coming out of America and Britain (and further inspired by visits to India and Morocco), local musicians such as Zé Ramalho, Lula Côrtes & Alceu Valença were to be the vanguard of their own, wild, hedonistic Psyche-scene. There would be sitars and lutes merging with traditional Pernambucan percussion; constant collaborations and ethereal art-collectives; experiments with ‘found-sound’ colliding with earthy flutes and driving backlines – all helped along by men wearing lipstick, acid, mushrooms, marijuana, suggestive dancing and plenty of onstage kissing.

The songs and artists featured on this album are a fittingly schizophrenic selection. Psychedelic Pernambuco finds crazed ethno-punk giving way to tweaked Americana; mystical jungle-folk stands alongside cocaine-fuelled fuzz-rock, and acid-raga trance segues into mutated proto-disco.