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  • Dawkins-&-Wulls Mix

    November 2015: Trip hop, blues and instrumental hip hop from Dawkins & Wulls

    Posted on: Jan 24, 2018 | By: Tony Green

    First EP up for grabs features two tracks from celebrated multi instrumentalist Chris Dawkins.

    “Atmos Funk – Remember that first time you heard Undisputed Truth, Air,Tranquillity Bass? That” (Chris Madden)

    “What more could anyone ever need…than their disconnected doll’s head wandering asunder into an alien jazz landscape, gargling the blues.” (Chris Madden)

    They won’t be free on the site forever so grab them while you can.

    Second up from Leeds is Wulls – collaborating with Nuccle on Puncture and one of his own in the shape of a real throw back to the 90s trip hop sound in Youth Horrors.

    “You are falling, falling into a gasometer sized barrel of multi-coloured bubbles, each one popping as you descend, down, down into the jet stream.” (Chris Madden)

    “What happens when young rocker meets rim shot scatter down town in a devolved Yorkshire styling.” (Chris Madden)

    Again these tracks are free on the site for now so grab them while you can.

    Radio / DJs / PR / please email

    Thanks to Chris for his words, they can be as intriguing as the music. Visit his Chin Wags events at The Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds for an inspirational evening.

    Words: Tony Green